Artist Dealing with Depression Turns Own Experiences into Touching Illustrations

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Although on the surface the artwork of illustrator DestinyBlue seem like colourful, anime-inspired portraits, scratching just below reveals a world of hidden messages. Many of which tell a tale about the artists struggle with depression.

The British artist who's real name is Alice De Ste Croix has been posting her artwork over on DeviantArt since 2004 - a site that she's become incredibly popular on due to her talent for drawing as well as being able to convey emotions that others can relate to through their own battle with depression.

Below are some of her most popular artworks, but to see more make sure to check out to her DeviantArt, Facebook, and Instagram.

1. Sew Closed My Soul

2. Not Alone

3. All Wrong

4. Bulletproof

5. I'm Complicated

6. Imprint

7. One Of Us Can Be Free...

8. I'm Fine

9. Trust

10. Trapped By School

11. Anxiety

12. Depth

13. Friends Set You Free

14. Broken

15. Depression

16. Forever Is Over

17. Grow Again