5 Funny Moments in Relationships Were Reality Doesn’t Quite Meet Expectations

Romantic gestures in a long term relationship help keep the fire alive, the only problem is that they often don’t live up to expectations. The romantic gestures that we see and here about, whether in a book or in a movie, are idealistic moments that always hit the mark. Reality however is far from the truth.

This is exactly what illustrator Jacob Andrews manages to capture in his latest series of comics that perfectly sum up your average couples romantic endeavours by placing the expectation and reality side by side. From taking a bath together to trying on something sexy in the bedroom each of Andrews’ illustrations is pretty damn relatable.

They also serve as a reminder that even if expectations don’t quite meet reality, we should still appreciate our partners and the efforts they go to. For more info head here.


Jacob Andrews


Jacob Andrews


Jacob Andrews


Jacob Andrews


Jacob Andrews


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