22 People with Disabilities That Totally Won Halloween with Their Sense of Humour

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Although having a disability has the potential to significantly impact on a persons life that's not always the case. In fact, it sometimes means that persons at an advantage, particularly if they've got a brilliant sense of humour and like to get creative once in a while.

Whilst some limit themselves to dressing up as a witch, devil, wolf or another one of the Halloween costume staples you see every year these people decided to get creative. Using their brilliant sense of humour to turn their disabilities into creative and funny Halloween costumes that are pretty amazing to say the least. Here are 22 people with disabilities that totally won halloween this year with their wicked sense of humour.

1. To the batmobile!

2. The dad of the year award goes to...

3. Raptor Carriage.

4. Wrestling ring costume.

5. X-Wing Fighter Star Wars costume.

6. He lost his leg to cancer, but couldn't resist the opportunity this Halloween.

7. Cinderella and her enchanted carriage.

8. He may only have one leg, but he's dressing up as a pair of legs.

9. "Turned my 7-year-old's wheelchair into and "It" Costume."

10. How To Train Your Dragon

11. Three-year-old amputee with a brilliant skeleton costume.

12. Dressing up as the guy from 127 Hours.

13. Wheelchair Superman Costume

14. Death Proof Gun Leg Girl

15. Kind of the throne.

16. One Night Stand

17. First Halloween as an amputee... no problem.

18. Adventure Time costume.

19. South Park Halloween costume.

20. Elliot & E.T.

21. His son has trouble walking... this was their solution for Halloween!

22. Clever amputee costume.