After a Stray Dog Crashed Their Wedding This Couple Had the Best Reaction Ever

Uninvited guests at a wedding are not exactly a welcomed or expected addition to anyones big day, especially if it’s an uninvited family member (for whatever reason that may be), or if it’s someones crashing and hoping to get some free food and drink, so when this four-legged wedding crasher showed up to a Brazilian couples wedding unannounced he was kindly asked to leave.

Marília and Matheus Pieroni were set to get married at their São Paulo ceremony when instead of the bride herself walking down the isle to the bridal music a stray dog wondered in and took a seat. The dog was removed and the young couple entered, but as they exchanged vows the canine returned. This time taking a nap on top of Marilia’s veil.

Whilst some may have let this moment interrupt or even ruin the moment Marilia decided to embrace the canines presence, welcoming him as an official guest to the wedding. “It was a very pleasant surprise for me, because I love animals,” Marília told The Dodo. As the night went on the couple soon realised their new canine friend had disappeared, however they couldn’t leave it at that. He’d stolen their hearts and they were determined to find him again…

Brazilian couple Marília and Matheus Pieroni just got married, however the wedding didn’t go quite as planned!

Bad weather on the day meant that the wedding ceremony had to be moved to underneath a tent.

The wedding was going as planned, until it came to exchanging their vows…

As they exchanged vows an unexpected guest walked in, likely seeking shelter from the storm and decided to take a nap on the brides veil…

Some would have let the dogs presence ruin the moment, but Marília embraced it!

The wedding crasher was accepted as an official guest and allowed to stay for the rest of the ceremony.

As the evening drew to a close they soon realised that the dog was nowhere to be found

After searching for the dog for over a week across the city they finally located their mysterious guest!

They were soon reunited with their surprise guest…

They decided to name him Snoop and have since decided to adopt him as part of the family

As you can see, Snoop has never been so happy now that he’s part of a loving family!

Snoop clearly picked a good place to sleep that day and now he’s found his forever home.


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