The World Like You’ve Never Seen It Before: The 2017 Macro Nikon Photo Contest

It’s always good to look at the bigger picture, but sometimes focusing on the smaller details is just as rewarding. Need proof? look no further than the winners of Nikon’s 2017 Small World Photomicrography competition.

This years competition marks the 43rd year that it’s been running with photographers all over the world submitting their best macro photographs. With over 2000 submissions the judges had their work cut out working their way through right down to the finalists, however they’ve finally come up with their winners and finalists.

Top prize this year went to researchers at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, BioImaging Facility & Department of Cell Biology, who managed to capture a stunning image of skin cells expressing fluorescently tagged keratin. Check out the winners below and for more information on the competition head here.

1. Opiliones (Daddy Longlegs) Eye, Washington, 12th Place

Charles B. Krebs

2. Lily Pollen, Southampton, 6th Place

Dr. David A. Johnston

3. Moth Eggs In Spider Silk, Illinois, Image of distinction

Walter Piorkowski

4. Ganglion Cells Expressing Fluorescent Proteins In A Mouse Retina, California, Honorable Mention

Dr. Keunyoung Kim

5. Asilidae (Rubber Fly) Eye Section, Abu Dhabi, Image Of Distinction

Yousef Al Habshi

6. Senecio Vulgaris Seed Head, Israel, 2nd Place

Dr. Havi Sarfaty

7. Pyromorphite (Mineral), Spain, Image Of Distinction

Emilio Carabajal Márquez

8. Synapta (Sea-Cucumber) Skin, Le Mans, 18th Place

Christian Gautier

9. Immortalised Human Skin Cells Expressing Fluorescently Tagged Keratin, Amsterdam, 1st Place

Dr. Bram van den Broek, Andriy Volkov, Dr. Kees Jalink, Dr. Reinhard Windoffer & Dr. Nicole Schwarz

10. Traxacum Officinale (Dandelion) Cross Section Showing Curved Stigma With Pollen, Nottingham, Honourable Mention

Dr. Robert Markus

11. 3rd Trimester Fetus Of Megachiroptera, Colorado, 15th Place

Dr. Rick Adams

12. Plastic Fracturing On Credit Card Hologram, Texas, 11th Place

Steven Simon

13. Natural Bridge (Petiole Nodes) Connecting The Abdomen And Thorax Of An Ant, Izmir, Image Of Distinction

Can Tunçer

14. Mold On A Tomato, Netanya, 5th Place

Dean Lerman

15. Jumping Spider, Istanbul, Honorable Mention

Emre Can Alagöz

16. Living Volvox Algae Releasing Its Daughter Colonies, Nantes, 3rd Place

Jean-Marc Babalian

17. The Head Of A Pork Tapeworm, New York, 4th Place

Teresa Zgoda

18. Paracetamol (Common Painkiller) Crystals, Finland, Image Of Distinction

Henri Koskinen

h/t UltraLinx

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