Take a Look Inside Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant

Europe may be home to some of the most architecturally impressive buildings in the world, but one thing it doesn’t have just yet is an underwater restaurant. It may have the Eiffel Tower or the Roman Colosseum but it lacks a spot where you can dine underwater whilst watching aquatic life pass by. There’s one company however, Snøhetta, that’s on a mission to change that.

Their solution to Europe’s lack of an underwater restaurant? a 36-foot-wide panoramic window placed below the surface of the sea in Southern Norway that allows guests who come to dine a look into the vast world that lies beneath the oceans surface.

Appropriately called “Under”, from the outside looking in the structure appears to be nothing more than a giant concrete building that appears to have fallen into the ocean, however once inside there’s enough room for 100 guests to dine. With the submerged half of the building resting on the sea bed some 5 metres below. Snøhetta is hoping to begin construction of this incredible building next year with the aim of opening to guests in 2019. You can find out more here.

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