The 29 Funniest United Airlines Jokes That Made Internet History

So remember when United Airlines had that embarrassing moment where they dragged a paying passenger of the plane because they overbooked the flight? Well, it didn’t take long before the internet was flooded with United Airlines jokes and we’ve got the best one right here. 

I don’t think in the history of bad marketing was there ever an event like this one and I hope it was the last one, but at least we got hilarious memes of it. Enjoy

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1. Behind the scenes of United PR operation

2. 100 passengers, only 96 seats! 

3. United Airlines passenger kit 

4. Can you top that?

5. Too far

6. We put the hospital in hospitality 

7. Good enough reason 

8. Even South Park had their way with this 

9. Actual graphics from United Airlines flyers ( Not really )

10. Sound marketing strategy 

11. Was it worth it?

12. Every damn flight 

13. May the odds be ever in your favour

14. United airlines seating team exposed 

15. Love this United Airlines joke 

16. Don’t pull a United here kids

17. LOL

18. They should really put this on the site

19. Make sense – NOT!


21. Seating arragments 

22. Hold my Pepsi 

23. Customer service department 

24. While people are getting beaten this guy got upgraded on another airline 

25. Ohh, they should look this up

26. Smart

27. This is the most popular of all the United Airlines Jokes we seen 

28. Other companies took advantage 

29. Even porn sites got in on the party

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