16 Punny illustrations that will keep your mind in shape

Punny illustrations is what keeps you mind agile and you good spirits on command. We know that. That’s why we bought to you some 16 of these. They are the proof that when you break words in two and mix them up with images some nice magic happens. We dare you to make some of your own! Can you do it?

1. Ready for the ride?

2. Are you having a cold dog or a hot one?

3. You can tell the difference

4.It’s a ship!

5. Couch lazy

6. Different styles…

7. Break fast and furious!

8.Please, don’t be a dumpling!

9. The future looks… funny

10. A nice lesson in politics

11. A mango needs his woman

12. Peace in the wardrobe?!

13. What do you call a robot with no clothes on?

14. Champagne could cause both

15. It depends on how you’re catching it

16. Behind every great king there’s a queen

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