2018 Winter Pet Hat Fashion Collection in 15 pictures

Pets deserve their own fashion shows and in some parts of the world, they actually have their own beauty and fashion contests. But sometimes, we, “hoomans” like to dress our pets just so we can photograph their cute and confused faces and post them on Social Media. We’re not sure if our pet friends really understand why we’re doing it. Unfortunately they cannot speak and cry out their objections.

We imagined them speaking.What would our dear pets think of our (hoomans) 2018 winter hat fashion collection? Would they love it? Would they be pleased to be the centre of attention? Would they like to be photographed? Do they actually like their role as cuteness overload agents? We watched their faces and imagined their speeches. We were a little surprised…or maybe not.

1. Yo, man! Get these things off me! They’re disgusting!

2. My hooman thinks he’s funny

3. Picture!

4. Hooman had ONE job, only ONE

5. I don’t like it, but unfortunately I haven’t killed my hooman when I had the chance

6.Let’s take a picture and then it’s treat time!

7. I’m cute, I know. I love my hooman!

8.  Sherlock frickin’ Holmes to you! Master of dark arts and detectives

9. Help! My hooman thinks I’m an unicorn!

10. Smile, they said. It will be fun, they said

11. This little plan of yours sucks, you hooman!

12. Why do I love you, hooman? Why?

13. Is my hair going to catch fire? Help!

14. Damn, it was so cold, but then my hooman thought of something. That’s why I love him!

15. Don’t ask any questions! Just smile and go away!

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