These are the funniest 23 real police reports. Take this!

Cops need to come when you call them. No emergency is small enough for a cop to refuse, not even stealing a couple of Oreo cookies or a belligerent squirrel refusing to leave an honest citizen’s estate. What you are about to see below are a couple of Americans who were determined to make use of the tax money they pay and call the cops even when the computer hardware stopped working. No emergency is too little, or should we say, a man’s emergency is a man’s emergency and you can do nothing about it?

Anyways, it made for some pretty hilarious police reports that are going to bright up your day. Read on!

1. Wife steals bacon from the fridge. Husband calls police

2. Friends forgot to send her greeting cards. Woman calls police

3. An abandoned burrito found in a trash can

4.Boyfriend is refusing to bring her casserole. She calls the police

5. Too much to explain. Read for yourself!

6. Computer hardware no longer works. Woman calls the police

7. A most peculiar warning

8.Almost a thousand-dollar-worth of anti-fungal cream

9. Marco. Then Polo responded!

10. Canadians

11. Farmville account hack. Call the police!

12. Man called the police to tell them about the marijuana he bought

13. A card-board cutout of Arnold Schwarzenegger

14. The belligerent squirrel

15. For an uplifting vacation

16. She was yelling Help. Her cat was named “Help”

17. When six Oreo cookies are stolen and the police is called

18. She bought some portobello mushrooms and then saw giraffes chasing her down the hill

19. When the duck refuses medical treatment…the police intervines

20. The black cow and the police

21. How to legally kill a guy

22. She reported that her blind neighbour took pictures of her while naked

23. A squirrel was running in circles

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