Cool new gadgets at CES 2019

The Consumer Electronics Show, also known as CES is an international trade show that takes place anualy. Here, you can find some of the quirkiest things out there, some breakthrough technology and a lot of excitement for the year to come. As the fair is starting tomorrow, we gathered some of the cool new gadgets that could be presented at this event. Have a look below.

Technology can be sooo cool!

1. Matrix PowerWatch 2

A watch that runs completely on solar power and the heat generated from your own body. It’s got all the ingredients of a smartwatch as well: heart rate measurement, step counting, always-on screen. You can dive at 200 meter under water with it, it also sends you notifications and it’s got GPS incorporated. It will cost around $499 and will be released later this year.

2.NexOptic DoubleTake

This device adds incredible zoom to your binoculars and helps you focus on very far away objects. It comes with wireless connectivity, GPS, a 12-megapixel camera and 4K video and a SD card slot.

3. Infivention Square Off Chess

An AI-powered, physical chessboard designed to be played online. It’s complicated and so cool!

4. Samsung Space Monitor

It’s an 27 or 32- inch monitor which can basically be clamped to your desk. You can also just flush it against the wall if you’re not using it and in desperate need of space where to put your things.  This is expected to be out on the market in March, this year. The price will start from a whopping $400.

5. Heatworks Duo

So basically, you put water in it and whenever you feel like having a tea, you set the temperature of the water and it heats it as you pour it in your cup for tea.  No waiting!

6. D-Link 5G NR Router (DWR-2010)

A 5G router here! And there are probably many more to come! It’s happening this year! We’re going 5G!

7. HP Omen X Emperium 65 Big Format Gaming Display

What performace could you get for $5,000? NVIDIA kind of performance. 144 HZ refresh rate and HDR.  2019 is taking gaming to the big screen!

8. Y-Brush

How about properly brushing your teeth in 10 seconds? Basically, you add toothpaste on it, put it in your mouth and turn it on. After you feel the vibrations it makes, you chew on it for like 5 seconds. You take it out then and put it back in your mouth after you’ve flipped it. Sounds complicated? We’ll see. It is said it’s going to ship this year.

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