London Zoo releases X-Ray images of their animals

We, humans, have always been fans of looking beyond what the naked eye can see. We always wanted to see more, know more, be more. Our curiosity is what helped us advance, but also what got us in trouble . Still, we can live with that. So, maybe this is why the ZSL London Zoo decided to indulge our curiosity with a selection of X-ray images taken from their animals.  “We can tell so much about an animal’s health from looking at an X-ray – from the strength of their bones to how healthy their heart is. They’re vital to our work, and even though we get to see unique X-rays fairly often we still think that they’re absolutely fascinating”, says a veterinary nurse working at the ZSL London Zoo.

Are you ready for these eye-opening animals’ x-rays?

1. Big-headed turtle


3. Flamingo


5. A tiger’s paw

6. Toco toucan

7. A beaver’s tail

8. Ball python

9. Rodrigues flying fox


11. Tokay gecko

12. Corn snake

13. Large hairy armadillo

14.  Gila monster – large sluggish lizards 


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