23 Pictures of Pawesome dogs that will make your day pawrfect

Dogs are always a wonder. They’re cute, they’re kind, they’re loyal, but they sometimes like to mess things up, or won’t let you have their picture or just behave in such a way that will surprise you on the spot. But this is why we love them, right? Because they’re straightforward and because they don’t mind they might look foolish at times. They just live their lives and make ours better every time. They’re not perfect. They’re simply pawrfect and pawesome!

1. Branch Manager and Branch Manager Jr.

2. Team mates

3. Recreating a trademark

4. After brushing

5. So, this is where all the socks went

6.When you install a camera to see what you’re doing is doing and he kinda’ knows

7. Brick, best friend

8. He probably thinks he needs to sleep like his toy friend

9. Naughty boy

10. This is what you get when you buy a glass door

11. Worst investment ever

12. He probably thinks he’s human

13. The perfect meditation state

14. “Nothing better to do, I guess I’ll just play with my tail”

15. That’s a beauty

16. Name a cooler dog

17. First selfie together

18. Sunbathing together

19. This smile!

20. Still doing it

21. Not sure what happened here. He’s probably SuperDog

22. Trying to make your dog an Instagram star and he’s like

23. After the 35th selfie…

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