The best 10 photos taken on an iPhone, according to Apple

Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” contest is over and the 10 winners’ photos will be featured on billboards in and showrooms around the world. Amongst the 10 best photos taken on an iPhone are pictures shot on iPhone 7, iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone 8 Plus. 

The photos are, indeed, remarkable, from zoom shots to incredible portraits or landscapes that look like taken with a professional camera. Contestants were allowed to edit the photos, but only with tools that they could install on their iPhones, be it the iPhone Photos app or another third-party software of that sort.

The winners were elected by a jury that included the chief official White House photographer for Barack Obama, a world-renowned travel photographer and Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior Vice President of worldwide marketing.

Check them out below:

1. From iPhone 7 to iPhone XS Max


Taken by Blake Marvin (US) on an iPhone XS Max


Taken by Andrew Griswold (US) on an iPhone XS


Taken by Bernard Antolin (US) on an iPhone XS Max


Taken by Alex Jiang (US) on an iPhone XS Max


Taken by Robert Glaser (Germany) on an iPhone 7


Taken by Nikita Yarosh (Belarus) on an iPhone 7


Taken by LieAdi Darmawan (US) on an iPhone XS


Taken by Elizabeth Scarrott (US) on an iPhone 8 Plus


Taken by Dina Alfasi (Israel) on an iPhone X.


Taken by Darren Soh (Singapore) on an iPhone XS Max

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