The bold, the shocking, the unexpected and “what if” in 27 amazing pictures

There is something special about our world and that is beauty and our innate ability to find entertainment and create beauty around us, something to keep us busy, keep us thinking and give meaning to our lives.

The bold, the shocking, the unexpected, the “what if” and “why haven’t I thought about this?” is what makes us wonder, smile, cry, be surprised, laugh out loud, be amazed and live.

We’ve gathered some amazing pictures from the web and we thought we’d make a story with them, a story about life, about ourselves and our quest for meaning.

1. It starts when you are little and you seem to have everything handed to you

2. And it ends with you holding a mirror to your older self holding a mirror to his other older self

3. But the people you meet along the way make it all worthwhile

4. Connecting

5.Finding the courage to break any barrier that might stand between you and your soulmate

6. Living up to the expectations of you

7. And having some fun along the way

8. Despair will sometimes get the best of you

9. But you’ll learn to start all over again, this time with a better idea

10. And even if it doesn’t work out

11. You will have the proof that you tried and tried and tried

12. Sometimes you gotta’ ride like the wind

13. To catch a glimpse of the miracles in front of you

14. Or dive deep down

15. to learn that money and power is an illusion

16. and the real battle is between us and ourselves.

17. The original race

18. to grow into beauty beyond words

19. sometimes, life can be deceiving

20. but when shared with the right people it is wonderful

21. It is important to have fun in life

22. but to never stop learning and creating

23. what could be

24. what will be

25. what you are.

26. It is all a dance in the sunshine

27. until the final call to origins.

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