Exquisite Underwater Photography by Christian Vizl

Underwater Photography is always a mind blowing sight to see, it’s like opening a new world to you, a whole subaquatic new universe you never thought existed. No matter how many underwater photographs you’ve seen, there’s always something surprising about them.

“For me, being underwater is about love—love for the ocean and its animals. Photography is about love, too. It’s about connecting with nature and the beauty I see around”, says Christian Vizl, the author of Silent Kingdom. He was 22 when he learned to dive and then gradually fell in love with the underworld while plunging in waters as far as the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, and the South China Sea.

Vizl’s mission is to highlight the beauty of the ocean and thus prove what it’s at stake if we’re not able to solve the pollution and global warming problems, even overfishing.

So, enjoy this exquisite piece of underwater photography!









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