21 funny safe baby handling tips you should take seriously

The Safe Baby Handling Tips, by Kelly and David Sopp are both funny and serious, both common sense and brilliant. They’re exactly what you should expect and what you shouldn’t, what you should really do and what you would sometimes feel like doing, when things get rough and messy and you get really tired.

You know, those moments when sleep is no longer an option of yours, but of your baby’s. Still, these moments are precious and every mother and father know this. Kelly and Daivd’s safe baby handling tips are visually incredible and will give you some goosebumps. By “incredible” we mean, “so familiar, but still, so unexpectedly good”.

1. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference

2. He won’t shut up so the second method could…NO

3. Sure! Teach him how to be a genius from a young age

4. Even though it’s a more “quiet place”, don’t do it!

5. That’s not the type of bonding fit for a toddler

6. Creeeeeeepy!

7. Booze only works for you…but not while you’re taking care of the baby!

8. Not sure what that TV is doing, but not a good thing

9. He might be strong, but he surely ain’t Arnold fricking Schwarzenegger

10. He can’t FLY!

11. Are you sure about that?

12. He’s not some wild animal, although sometimes he might act a little wild…

13. Nope! Don’t use the easiest method!

14. Mamaaaa!

15. Why would you do that in the first place?

16. Wrong!

17. Right!

18. Man, it’s just milk!

19. Mother knows better

20. Whaat?

21. Ok, you should maneuver with great care

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