7 recycled-wood troll giants took center stage at Tomorrowland. See beyond their design!

Tomorrowland’s officials commissioned the construction of 7 recycled-wood troll giants  as a gift to the Belgian town called Boom, which has been the host for the famous electronic dance festival for almost 15 years.  The installations are created by Thomas Dambo, a very well-known artist who also goes by the nickname of “recycling artist”. He’s a creative guy who really likes to repurpose different kinds of woods and make art with them.

The old, huge creations look like out of some old-forgotten legend and they’re pictured in different stages of everyday life, from relaxing after a hard day at work, to really working hard on their stuff. These giant structures are made completely out of recycled wood, from fallen trees and branches to old pallets or other recycled construction materials.

Dambo hasn’t done all of this himself, he had the help of other 200 people from the local community. “I make these kinds of projects because I believe that the world is drowning in trash. People look at trash as something that has no value, but if you apply a creative and open mind to it, then it can become a ship that can sail the world into the future”, says Dambo of his passion and craft.

He is very proud of his latest artwork, the seven giant trolls of Tomorrowland which brought together a lot of people from the community who landed their hands to putting old wood to some use. “Trash is a material and it only depends on how you work with it. We can design an entire world out of trash. We need to look at it and then think about what to do with it. That’s why I’m building these bigger than life scale projects. By doing that and involving people, they will open their eyes and see the possibilities and opportunities that lay in our trash. I hope that my art will inspire people to recycle and encourage them to be kind to nature and our planet”, Dambo believes.

What do you think of these 7 crazy, recycled-wood troll giants took center stage at Tomorrowland and seem to be having a lot of fun?








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