People Meeting Celebrities and Living Their Best Life!

Celebrities can sometimes seem otherworldly, almost like they’re gods. Unfortunately, we’ve all heard of stories that reveal the ugly side of some celebrities. Whether it’s rude to the waiter, aggressively refusing a photo, or simply having a bad attitude, it’s quite disappointing to know that someone we perhaps idolize is actually a jerk. Fortunately, some people have been lucky enough to meet celebrities who turned out to be pretty awesome! Here are some stories of people meeting celebrities that were nothing but pleasant.

People Meeting Celebrities

1. Keanu Reeves

Source: Twitter

An anonymous Reddit user reportedly met Keanu Reeves at a coffee shop while looking for a table. Since every seat was taken, someone offered that they join them at their table. So they sat and talked about comic books for half an hour, and the anonymous Reddit user remarked that Keanu was as normal as can be.

2. Jim Carrey

People Meeting Celebrities

Source: Reddit

Another Redditor with the username boobachaka met Jim Carrey and was brave enough to ask him to make faces! According to him, the actor and comedian was “seriously awesome, nice, and wonderful.”

3. Pierce Brosnan

Source: On This Day

Sometimes you’ll meet a celebrity without even realizing it. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to one Redditor’s mom, who accidentally yelled at Pierce Brosnan — and didn’t regret it!

Hangry (hungry + angry) in line, user XANA12345’s mother was about to order until a guy cut in front and interrupted her. She then snapped and told him to head to the back of the line and wait for his turn. When she got her food and went to sit with the family, her husband informed her, in shock, that she had just yelled at Pierce Brosnan. The best part is she said, “Well he shouldn’t have tried to cut me!”

4. Beyoncé

People Meeting Celebrities

Source: Reddit

Redditor MarchMadnessisMe had a friend who met Beyoncé, who promptly said, “Whatever face you make, I’ll make. Who knew Queen Bey could be so cool?

5. Tom Hanks

Source: Mental Floss

It’s no secret that Tom Hanks is an all-around good guy, but meeting him to witness it is a different story! Redditor jbibby was attending a friend’s wedding at the Wynn in Las Vegas when the actor asked to join the group pictures! Everybody was annoyed until they realized it was Tom Hanks. He took pictures with the entire group and was, reportedly, just a great guy to be with!

6. Barack Obama

People Meeting Celebrities

Source: Reddit

Former presidents are technically considered celebrities considering the status they earn as leaders of countries, and one fellow was surprised to meet Barack Obama while playing golf. Reddit user Smadja even got to shake hands with him for a great photo op!

7. Gordon Ramsay

Source: Master Class

Some people would shudder at the thought of running into renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, but IDK-to-put from Reddit did and says he’s actually much more down to earth!

This Redditor had gone to a book signing event and had the opportunity to talk to the famous chef about food and how he’s enjoying his trip so far. Apparently, he’s nothing like you see on cooking shows like Hell’s Kitchen or Master Chef.

8. Brie Larson

People Meeting Celebrities

Source: Reddit

When he met Brie Larson, the Reddit user sadokistpotato was working the night shift at the local cinema snack bar. The on-screen hero was wearing her Captain Marvel themed jacket and looked super thrilled to meet a fan!

9. Alison Brie

Source: Wikipedia

Alison Brie has played some sweet characters in films and in TV shows, and apparently she’s even sweeter in person! Redditor Tophloaf met her at a small winery in Sonoma, only to find that she was very friendly and was more than willing to take some goofy pictures. She also expressed her thanks to her wonderful fans.

10. Pain Harold Meme Guy

People Meeting Celebrities

Source: Reddit

The people in popular memes become celebrities in their own right, and it can be just as exciting to run into them as any other pop artist or movie star. This was the case for Erin_C_86, who posted on Reddit that she met Pain Harold, who looks exactly as he does in the meme!

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