About Blazepress

Blazepress is a design and style magazine that provides inspiration and motivation for people who love to fill their days with awesome architecture, cool designs and some epic photography. We try and cover many areas related to design and not just stick to one because we understand the world is fluid and what is amazing for one, might be awful for another.

Blazepress connects hundreds of thousands of readers from all over the world with a passion for design, photography, architecture and style. Founded in 2012, Blazepress has published close to 10,000 articles with millions of photos and ideas over the years.

As part of Alony Media, our core mission is to inspire and spread POSITIVE content only, this is why you will never find negative content on our site, obviously, most likely you won’t find it here anyway as design tend to be positive naturally.

Blazepress main staff: 



Ksenija is a seasoned editor that actually worked with the site for many years before. growing as a content writer she quickly gained the experience and knowledge in design and creativity which makes her the perfect person to edit and publish the articles you see here.


Senior Content Writer

Ramona loves the outdoors, and when she’s not hiking or traveling you can find her writing on her laptop. She has many years of experience in architecture articles as well as design and photography, the perfect fit for our style of magazine.


Content contributor

Jenny is actually a pro photographer who likes to share with people her love for cameras and photography. On Blazepress Jenny is creating well researched and beautiful crafted articles about photography and design and yes, also architecture.

If you have any notes or suggestions about our site, don’t hesitate to reach out and tell us in the contact us page. We reply to all emails within a reasonable timeframe.