10 Of The World’s Biggest Pets

A lot of us have pets. However these pets take it to another level. Check out 10 of the worlds largest pets.

1. Giant George. A 43 inch tall great dane from Arizona.

2. Ulric. The 30 Pound Cat. From the UK.

3. Goldie. A 15 inch goldfish weighing in at 2 lbs. Again, from the UK.

4. Ralph. A 55-pound rabbit fromt the UK.

5. Zeus. A 55-inch tall great dane. From Michigan.

6. Zorba. A 343 pound mastiff from London, UK.

7. Gary. The 8 Stone capybara. From Texas.

8. Sammy. A 115 Pound Tortoise. From San Francisco.

9. Bandit. A 75 pound Racoon from Pennsylvania.

10. Stewie. A 48.5 inch Cat from Nevada.

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