30 Astonishing Places In The World

The world can be one beautiful place if you’re willing to stand back and just admire it. Some places on the planet are unlike any other and it’s great to see things we may never have otherwise seen all because of cameras.

1. Mt. Hood – Oregon, US

2. Line of maple trees along a ridge in Japan

3. Ice starting to take over Moraine Lake – Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

4. Autumn in the Swiss Alps

5. Rainbow forming at the base of Bridalveil Falls in Yosemite National Park

6. Boabab trees in Madagascar

7. Milky way over bio-luminescent plankton on a beach in South Coast NSW, Australia

8. Quiraing area of Isle of Skye

9. Snowstorm over Nebraska plains

10. Ice cave in Vatnajokull, South East Iceland

11. Arches, Utah, US

12. Antarctica

13. Glow Worm Cave in Waitamo, New Zealand

14. Stars and aurora in Iceland

15. Sea cave in Algarve, Portugal

16. Rainbow over the Dolomites of Italy

17. Autumn in Scottish Highlands

18. Seychelles

19. Flower Ocean, Louping, China

20. Shadow from top of Mt. Hood, Oregon, US

21. Aurora over Lofoten Islands, Norway

22. Odle Range, Dolomites

23. Shark Bay, Australia

24. Immenstadt, Bavaria, Germany

25. Namibia

26. Bend, Oregon

27. Grand Teton National Park, US

28. Karymsky Volcano, Russia

29. Waterfall in Iceland

30. Madagascar

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