Abandoned Ship Heading For UK, Infested With Rats

Did you know there could be an abandoned ghost ship heading for the UK, infested with cannibal rats. The Lyubov Orlova is an old cruise ship which is currently lost at sea.

After the owner of this cruise ship had financial difficulty, the Canadian authorities took possession. After a storm and bad weather the ship broke away from where it was being docked. It has since cleared Canadian waters and is now in international waters.

It is thought that the ship could be on a collision course for the UK. The logic being that only 2 safety beacons have gone off on the ship, meaning the vessel is still assumed to be afloat. The last signals recorded from the ship where in march 2013.

It was reported that the ship had become overrun with rats, and they will have no food whilst stranded on the ship, forcing them into cannibalism.

Brace yourself’s and hold your cat tight. Blood thirsty disease ridden rats may be on their way.

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