20 Amazing Beaches You Will Wish You Were At Right Now

These 20 amazing beaches would make perfect destinations for a holiday. If you are currently missing the sun, then these photos will make you feel better.

Navagio Beach, Greece

This beach is also known as smugglers cove due to the 163-foot long shipwrecked smuggling boat in the middle of it.

Jökulsárlón Beach, Iceland

The volcanic rock is what creates the amazing dark sand, and the ice comes from a nearby glacier.

Golden Cape, Croatia

The very narrow end of this beach changes direction all depending on the wind.

Lucky Bay, Australia

Inside a national park, kangaroos sometimes visit this beach! awesome.

Glass Beach, California

This glass might look pretty, but all the different coloured stones are actually smoothed pieces of rubbish.

Tropical Islands Resort, Germany

Based inside a hangar, it could be raining outside and you would never know! sun the whole year around.

Hidden Beach, Mexico

In the 1900s, the government did bomb tests, which created this beautiful cave.

Papakōlea Beach, Hawaii

One of only 4 green sand beaches in the world, the sand is coloured by mineral olivine.

The Maldives

Bioluminescent phytoplankton lights the beach at night, creating this beautiful scenes like this.

Shell Beach, Australia

Not suitable for sand castles making, but still pretty cool. This beach stretches for 70 miles.

Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles

Awesome granite rocks and pink sands, its clear why this is a popular destination in the Seychelles.

Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach, Hawaii

Iron deposits in the hills turn the sand red.

McWay Falls in Big Sur, California

This beach has an 80ft waterfall that empties directly into the sea all year round, one of only 20 in the world.

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

This is what happens when they tide goes out. It looks amazing!.

Rock Sound, Bahamas

Pink sands and crystal clear blue waters make this beach a must to visit.

Maya Bay, Thailand

Stunning rock formations make this beach amazing.

Hyams Beach, Australia

Hyams Beach has the world record for the whitest sand in the world.

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

This bay has an almost perfect curve running the whole way along.

Benagil Cave, Portugal

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