These 20 Cute Fluffy Animals are Best at What They Do

Most animals are cute, however these cute fluffy animals certainly have the edge when it comes to being absolutely adorable. Everyone one of these animals looks so huggable and I wish I could touch each and every one.

What makes an animal fluffy you might ask? Here are the main rule of thumbs:

  • It has to have a lot of thick fur
  • It is best if it’s tiny
  • It has to be a living animal, no toys or bears

With that in mind, let’s get into the gallery now

Cute fluffy animals list you can’t miss reading

1. Teacup Pomeranian – The cutest and fluffiest of them all

This little guy is not really an official breed, it’s just a Pomeranian dog that breeders bred with other types of small dogs to create an even smaller version of this already small dog. The dog has a few health issues related to the tiny size of it, but it does not stop the popularity of it from soaring.

2. Angora rabbit

This fluffy animal – and we do mean fluffy. A popular pet for French royalty in the 18th century, this little guy comes from Ankara ( Originally Angora ). And we can see why it became so popular, it’s honestly so fluffy you really don’t need to keep looking at the rest of the list.

3. White Silkie Hen

The Silkie earned his name by having fur that feels just like silk. Original right? But anyway, the more interesting thing about these little guys is the fact they actually have black skin, and black bones. They also have blue earlobes and five toes on each foot. WHAT? Crazy.

4. Chow Chow puppy

Originally from China, this tiny fluffy animal is a very popular breed of dog in the world in the last couple of years. Don’t let this fluffy creature fool you, this is a very sturdy dog with a double coat and square shape face that can really handle itself.

cute fluffy animals

5. Bichons

The dog is pronounced BEE Shawn and there was a time that this guy was the most popular dog breed on Instagram. You know, when it was still cool to post pictures of your dogs there. Now it’s mostly old people who do this. Moving on…

6. Samoyed

A thick double layer coat protects this little guy while also making it look so cute and fluffy we are about to die. The dog got his name from the Samoyedic people coming from Siberia. If you think about getting this dog, know that it is domesticated.

7. Fluffy cow

There is nothing special about this cow, it is just very fluffy. This is a unique type of cow that doesn’t grow anywhere in the world and you can see from the pictures that the coat is very nice and sleek.

cute fluffy animals

8. Pallas cat

Also known as Manuel cat, this animal is both fluffy and cute, and terrifying. Just look at that face, it looks like he is able to hurt you, and also wants to do that. It has a round shaped face with low hanging ears which makes it even more scary but cute.

9. Mangalitsa pig

Funny enough, this is a domesticated Hungarian pig. Yeah, people keep them in their homes, and grow as pets. This breed was developed by humans during the mid 19th century by mixing Hungarian pigs with Nagyszalonta and Bakony and European wild boar and Serbian breed. That is a lot.

10. Himalayan-Persian cross-breed cat

This is a rather rare mix of breeds that make this cat more persian than Himalayan. The cost of these cats are also growing with time.

cute fluffy animals

11. Pomeranian puppy

This might be the fluffiest animal on this list, coming in hot at number 11 is the Pomeranian named after the region in North-West Poland and North-West Germany. Because it his so tiny, this dog has been dubbed a toy dog breed.

12. Baby King Penguin

This breed of penguin is the second most largest in the world, coming second only to the Emperor Penguin. You can find them in South Atlantic and South Indian Ocean and when you do, you be sure to recognize them by their beautiful fur

13. Baby albatross

You already know these. The family of Albatrosses is a large breed of birds that is related to the procellariids and a few other type of birds. You can find them in the Southern Ocean and the North Pacific.

cute fluffy animals

14. Arctic Fox

The arctic fox is also known as white fox, snow fox or polar fox. So many names we know. It is a small native to the Arctic regions but more specifically to the Arctic Tundra biome. Best known for its thick and warm fur, it can actually adapt to the cold weather easily.

15. Alpaca

A South American camelid, it is mostly confused to a Lama because of the physical similarities but it’s a different animal. The Alpaca is small than a Lama, although the species are closely related and can cross breed, they are each a different animal.

cute fluffy animals

16. Tiny Hamster

A rodent known to the family of Cricetinae. Just in a very small size, the tiny hamster is too cute to pass on. Over the years these little guys manages to establish themselves as popular tiny pets, specifically the golden hamster.

17. Monopoly Steer

This steer was surprisingly very popular and we have found many online websites showing the price to have this breed multiple. Shocking, but it’s so cute and fluffy, we really can’t deny it.

18. Red Panda

You can find the Red Panda in Eastern Himalayas, also known as the lesser panda, talk about feelings of shame. it is much smaller than the Panda we all know, and it comes with a fur in red like color.

cute fluffy animals

19. Baby Chinchilla

Slightly larger than squirrels, these animals are one of the cutest animals we could feature on this list. With fur that is like a dream, this little guy goes a long way in-spite of the small size

20. Wallaby

A Wallaby is basically just a small or medium size macropod. Native to mainly Australia, no surprise there, this little cute fluffy guy made it to the list with grace.

cute fluffy animals

These cute fluffy animals are helping the world by being so cute people who come in contact with them usually have an uplift in their mood. It just improves their mood, and this is science. That’s what we do here and we love it.

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