28 Adorable Dogs That Actually Look Like Tiny Teddy Bears

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Sure, bear cubs might be cute, but there probably not the safest animals to have around the house once they've grown up, luckily for us though there are some slightly more domesticated pets out there that make the perfect replacement!.

Dog breeds such as the Chow Chow originating from Northern China have ridiculously fluffy fur coats that often make them look more bear than dog. There are also plenty of other breeds out there that look like tiny bears and with this in mind we've put together 28 of the very fluffiest.

1. Puppy or baby polar bear? either way this little guy loves belly rubs...

2. This tiny bear looks so happy to see everyone! 

3. Apparently German Shepherd/Akita/Corgi puppies are pretty much bears that you can live in your house.

4. Bear cub enjoys playing in a swing.



5. Wally afters he's been on a miniature adventure.

6. "My new chow chow puppy experienced winter today."

7. Tonkey the fluffy bearcoat Shar Pei.

8. Pomeranian puppy.

9. Three adorable puppies just over a month old.

10. Two bear puppies? cuteness overload.

11. He's so cute you just want to pick him up and never put him down again.

12. Twice the size, twice the fluffiness!.

13. A tiny teddy bear dog named Mufasa.

14. Teddy bear dog!

15. Tiny Chow Chow puppy loves nothing more than being hugged.

16. This adorable pup seems to have been crossbred with a pillow he's so fluffy!

17. 3 month old Chow Chow puppy.

18. Samoyed and Golden Retriever mix puppy.

19. Chowder the Chow Chow puppy looking fierce!

20. Tiny Kai Ken Puppy

21. Fluffiest bear dog ever!

dogs puppy look like bears 21.jpg

22. Isn't this the cutest darn puppy/bear you've ever seen?

23. A tiny Chow Chow puppy just 45 days old.

kadi kaldo

kadi kaldo

24. Chow Chow pup.

Liene Tentere

Liene Tentere

25. Ghenghis Khan the Chow Chow.

26. "My Newfie puppy's first time in the snow!"

27. "My German Shepherd puppy kinda looks like a bear cub..."

28. Puppy with her tiny teddy.

Wall Joy

Wall Joy

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