19 Pictures That Sum up What It’s Like to Be Bad at Math

From the pain of exams at school to planning your entire future so that you have to do as little math as possible, life isn’t easy when you suck at math.

1. When you give this look.

2. When this happens.

3. Seriously, what do you even need it for?

4. This extends into every other aspect of your life.

5. You’ve only got one question:

6. Giving up is the easiest way.

7. You’re familiar with the four steps:

8. This is your brain when trying to do math.

9. Leaving tips.

10. Not even the holy spirit can save you.

11. When it comes to maths, you feel like Bieber.

12. When you try and find a positive from a negative.

13. This is your motto when it comes to math.

14. You always knew your teacher was a liar.

15. This is what happens when you move on to the next question.

16. You’re well accustomed to those low grades.

17. You’re pretty good at rounding up.

18. When it comes to getting out of class, you turn into a mathematical genius.

19. Finally, planning your entire life to avoid math.

h/t Buzzfeed

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