These 25 Creative Cupcakes Will Leave You Feeling Hungry

No one can resist the temptation of a cupcake, and these 25 wonderful creations will leave you feeling hungry. The last 2 I didn’t even believe where actually cupcakes.

This one looks like a burger.

A cupcake dress.

This awesome minion.

An apple with a worm in it.

Rainbow cupcake.

The Beehive cupcake.

Cupcake & pie. Amazing.

Garden gnome.

Cupcake Panda.

An Owl.

Cactus cupcake, the only cactus you would ever want to eat.

Spider cupcakes. Cool but not so appealing.

Bucket of popcorn.

A Duck.

A Peacock.

A tooth.

Awesome sheep, created using marshmallow.

Spaghetti Bolognese.

A snowman.

A beach on a cupcake!.

A pirate inspired cupcake.


A bunnies butt.

Can this basket of fish and chips really be a cupcake.

And finally, the corn cob cupcake.

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