25 One Of A Kind Homes From Around The World

Around the world, the need for innovative, space saving designs is ever growing. Some of the solutions are amazing. Others are just created simply because they are as awesome on paper plans as they are in real life. As you will see in these 25 incredible houses and apartments.

House Balancing On A Rock

This house has stayed balanced on this rock in Serbia for 45 years. First conceptualized in 1968 by a group of young swimmers and then completed the following year, it was originally created as a one bedroom house, but is also a great place for swimmers to rest.

Hobbit House

Photographer Simon Dale spent £3,000 on a plot of land in the woods to create this cool looking home that looks like something out of the Lord Of The Rings Shire.

Dome Dream Home

It only took 6 weeks and $9,000 to build and Steve Areen got himself his dream home in Thailand. The actual structure only costs $6,000, but an additional $3,000 was spent on furnishing the home.

This awesome floating house.

Designed by architect Dymitr Malxew, floating house does exactly what you would expect. It is able to float freely offering different stunning views whenever you want them.

Tiny House

This house was built by architect Macy Miller. Its only 196 square feet, and the result of 2 year hard work. Miller created this house after becoming fed up with her large mortgage payments.

House Of Old Windows

This unique cabin was built by photographer Nick Olson and designed by Lilah Horwitz, and only cost $500 in total to construct. It took several weeks to salvage the windows and was constructed in the mountains of West Virginia.

Shipping Container Home

This home was created using four 40-feet containers. Known as El Tiemblo House in the province of Ávila in Spain, and was designed by Studio James & Mau Arquitectura. It took 6 months and 140,000 euros to build.

Boeing 727 House

The frame of a Boeing 727 has been built into a home in Costa Rica. The plane was originally built to transport passengers from South Africa to Columbia. It was bought for $2,000 from a San Jose airport, cost $4,000 to move and $24,000 in order to renovate. The result is amazing.

School Bus Home

Hank Butitta, and architecture student decided to use his skills to an old school bus he bought off of Craigslist. This bus project was his final year submission. It was an ambitious project that resulted in his own home. And surely he got a good grade too.

Water Tower Home

Osborne and Graham Voce purchased an old water tower in central London and spent 8 months renovating it into a modern home.

Grain Silo Homes

Don & Carolyn Riedlinger of Gilbert from Arizona have created this awesome 3 silo mansion. They are cost effective and energy efficient.

Sustainable Micro Home

NOMAD is the affordable option for those wanting to be a homeowner. It was developed by designer Ian Lorne Kent, and is set to cost only $30,000.

Dumpster Home

Californian designer Gegory Kloehn turned this old dumpster into and awesome home. Located in Brooklyn, just like a studio apartment, the 42-year-old’s renovated home includes everything in a compact space.

Train Caboose House

This Great Northern Railway X215 train has been transformed into a comfy living space in Essex, Montana. It has every home comfort you can imagine, including a personal kitchen and master bedroom.

Mobile Log Cabin

This compact mobile log cabin created by Hans Liberg is located in Hilversum, Netherlands. It easily blends into the forest surrounding.

Residence in Between Trees

Instead of cutting down trees to make way for a new building, architect Keisuke Kawaguchi of K2 Design created these houses and compartments that move around the trees instead. Located near Yonago City, Japan.

Japanese Forest House

Using only locally sourced materials, Brian Schulz has created this oasis in the woods, near Cape Falcon, Oregon.

Modern Hobbit Hole House

Located in a hillside in Vals, Switzerland, this awesome house which is mostly underground was created in collaboration between Dutch architecture firm SeARCH and Christian Müller Architects.

Tiny House Project

Web designer Alek Lisefski decided debt was not for him, so decided to build this modest house for a $30,000 budget.

Solar-Powered Group Living

Halo is a 645-square-foot house designed by Team Sweden, a collection of 25 students from Sweden’s Chalmers University.

Waterfall House

This amazing house was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright In 1935. This house was built partially over a waterfall on Bear Run in Pennsylvania.

Gypsy Wagon

This 160 square foot mobile wagon is designed to look old from the outside and new from the inside. The entire home is created using old recycled materials.

Home Embedded in a Cave

This is an amazing house built into a sandstone cave in Festus, Missouri. This amazing home is the result of a 4 year construction process. But the result looks well worth it.

Underground Desert Home

This semi-subterranean stone home by Deca blends in perfectly into its surroundings in rural Greece. Half of the house is hidden beneath earth, and blends in perfectly with the desert surroundings.

96-Square-Foot Home

This two storey house called Nido is just 96 square feet. This apartment is perfect as it gets around issues such as building permits due to its size.

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