Man Saves A 375 lbs Bear From Drowning, Sets The Bar High For Manliness


A black bear shows up in a residential area in Alligator Point, Florida, and officers decide that somethings got to be done. But what happened next was totally unexpected.


After officers shot the bear with tranquillisers, the bear became drowsy, but decided a good place to take a rest would be the gulf of mexico.


As the bear wondered out further it became weaker from the sedative, unable to move its legs, it was fast becoming in danger.


Luckily however, biologist / super hero Adam Warwick stepped in and saved the bear, grabbing it by the scruff of its neck.


After what seemed like forever, Adam made it out with just a scratch from the bear.


Once the bear was on land, a team of people used a tractor bucket to transport the bear to Osceola National Forest. Its safe to say, the bear will be avoiding open water for a while.

Adam Warwick went above and beyond to save this animal from drowning. What a true hero.

via treehugger