The 26 Best April Fools Pranks

Here are 26 of the best april fools pranks for you to play on your co-workers, friends and family.

1. Plant a mini garden in your co-workers keyboard.

2. An air horn door stop to scare anyone entering the room.

3. Do some drive-thrus in this awesome car camp seat.

4. Kindly offer a glass of water they cannot take.

5. Offer a co-worker an all new tech upgrade.

6. Create this awesome trolley barrier.

7. Paint soap with nail polish. Leave in shower.

8. Start a rat invasion of the stuffed kind.

9. Make their seat an air horn surprise.

10. Make sure that not even the bathroom is prank free.

11. Make a turd toilet paper.

12. Turn a friends windshield into a rainbow. But don’t let them drive like this.

13. Replace antibacterial soap with something a little more exciting.

14. A prank to remind those who love themselves a little too much.

15. Replacing the insides of Oreo cookies with toothpaste. Pure evil.

16. Make sure you colleague is update on the news.

17. Throw co-workers the an office ballon party they will never forget.

18. This is a truly evil candy apple prank.

19. Forget vinyl wrapping or a new paint job. Just use post-it notes.

20. Give someone some mayo filled doughnuts.

21. Exterior cotton ball accessories for the car.

22. Probably the most irritating prank there is.

23. Make sure the people you care about the most drink plenty of water.

24. Give them some jelly desk accessories.

25. Finding an evil but clever way to ruin their appetites.

26. Create a Feebreze grenade. Pull the cable, throw it, then run.


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