30 Weird And Wonderful Animal Hybrids

With the thousands of amazing animals in this world, have you ever wondered what it would deb like to mix two of your favourites together? well now there is no need. These 30 hilarious hybrids are awesome.

The Hawkoceros

The Whaleguin

The Red Llama

Lowland Pugrilla

The Pinehootle

The Puguin

The Eleduck

The Guinea lion

The Awwstrich

The Mantaraffe

The Tigles

The Pugther

The Crabbo

The Sharkador Retriever

The Chadolphin

The Hog

The Mushrapus

The Leagle

The Puggy


The Whallow


The Great White Bark

A Pidgepug

The Flamingant

The Elemeleon

The Slawk

Nightmare #2

Scary As Hell Thing

The Hammereagle

if only they were real.

Via Distractify

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