41 Pictures That Will Irritate Every Control Freak

If you yourself have OCD or know someone that does, then these 41 pictures will irritate them. They annoy me and I don’t even consider myself to have OCD.

Don’t put the condiments the wrong way up.

Petrol prices.

Not using the correct paving in the correct place.

This airplane table.

Painting the road wrong.

Not taking the pills from the correct side.

Building a window at the wrong angle.

Odd lights. The must be equal.

Messing up the pattern on the table.

Making these crackers un-equal.

These pencils. There is always one!.

This is just wrong.

Just stack them straight!.

Shampoo & Conditioner. At least you can tell the difference.

Oh, the irony.

Laces that are not matching.

A messed up pretzel.

A wonky cupboard.

The sausage thats trying to get away.

These Beers.

Uneven door handles. What a fail.

Not cutting the cheesecake evenly.

A messed up DVD box set.

These banisters should be parallel.

Another messed up DVD box set.

The Juice that isn’t the right way up.

Different windows.

The buttons on this t-shirt.

The one wonky toothbrush.

Why is the top balcony not the same :(.

The step thats missing the white line.

The odd one out on this chart.

The one piece of Jenga that is upside down.

The random kebab that wants to be on the left of this barbecue.

The picture that should be in the middle.

This toilet which isn’t straight? LOL.

The mini urinal that should be on the end.

The centre switch, placed on the left.

This is not how you take the gum.

The “I” on this keyboard.

Incredibly useless chopsticks.

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