These 30 Adorable Pictures Of Babies With Puppies Will Melt Your Heart

What is the story behind these 30 adorable pictures of babies with puppies? Well, hang on a minute! 

Growing up together with a puppy marks the beginning of a beautiful friendship. There is no other bond more beautiful than that of a little kid and his dog best friend. Dogs are these loving and adorable and grateful beings who stick around humans no matter what. Growing up together with a dog might be the greatest blessing, you get a friend who loves you unconditionally and will always look after you and protect you with their life.

It’s true, it might be a little overwhelming for young parents to have both a baby and a little puppy, at first. In the beginning, it might also look a little worrying for parents to let the baby and puppy share snuggles and sleep together. Still, when the baby is 1 year old or even 8-9 months old, spending time together with a dog might not be such a bad thing. You should choose a breed which is good around children, very protective, playful and intelligent, like a Golden Retriever, a Beatle, Collie or even a Boxer.

Like humans, dogs are extremely social creatures. They also have a sort of “family” instinct, part of what we call “their pack drive”. So, when a dog has this strong pack drive and is really close to the family, then taking care of a new baby comes naturally. If you let your baby play with his canine friend long enough, the dog can become really “smitten” with the baby and form a really strong connection. If they’re both baby and puppy, then they’ll share the desire for a playmate and someone who will always give them attention. Yes, this is how a beautiful, lifelong relationship begins.

And now, let’s gush over these 30 super adorable pictures of babies sharing a moment with their puppy friends. These images can very easily be called the cutest images on the internet.

1. ” Let’s just fall asleep together, friend!”

“We’re best friends and getting closer each day: the beginning of an eternal friendship, hooman!”

2. This baby has the best pillow ever.

“A furry cute pillow is the best pillow in the world, especially when it marks the beginning of a beautiful friendship. These are words of wisdom, hooman!”

3. These two sharing a look, like they’re planning to overthrow the grown-ups and instill the cookie regime!

“So, you take control of the camera and I’ll handle the rest. OK, human?”

4. This baby spooning a puppy.

“Hoomoan, you’re lovely! Best friends, yes?”

5. These two sharing a snuggle

“Hey, hooman! I really like you! You’re cute like me and we’re going to grow up together”

6. This dog trying to find a good spot to rest his head. The baby’s smile is so cute.

“Wait, wait! Perfect! You’re my favourite hooman, you know?”

7. These two sharing a moment of peace

“It feels good being tucked in with you, hooman!”

8. Theo, the pup, and Beau, the toddler, are famous for their snuggle sessions.

“Hey, hooman, I sense someone is taking a picture of us!”

9. These two share the same expression

“Hey, little muffin, what are we looking at? What are these hoomans doing?”

10. This baby who gets not one, but 3 puppy pillows.

“He’s part of our sleepy pack now, hooman! Get out of here!”

11. This baby sleeping and his guardian angel watching over him

“I don’t know why, but I feel like this little muffin is going to be my best friend”

12. This girl and the massive st bernard sleeping peacefully.

“Yeah, you’re little and I’ve got to protect you with my life and I want to do that”

13. These two sharing a kiss

“Come here, you, hooman! We’re going to be good friends for life!”

14. These two who sleep in exactly the same way, so cute.

“Yeah, I like him. Now let us have a nap, hooman! Stop with your pictures!”

15. This boy hiding with the puppies

“This is how we rock, hooman!”

16. This dog, watching over the baby. So sweet.

“You’re so cute, puppy hooman! I’ll always watch over you!”

17. A role reversal. Apparently, babies make equally comfy pillows.

“He’s soft as a pillow, but my friend for life. Watch out, hooman, ’cause he’s part of my pack”

18. This dog protecting the cute baby

“He’s my little hooman and if anyone comes near him, they’ll have to deal with me!”

19. These cuties having a moment

“We’re having fun, hooman! Stop filming!”

20. This baby taking a nap on his best friend’s lap

“I adore this hooman, with his little cute hands and his milk and his beautiful smell. Best friends forever!”

21. This baby isn’t sure about the dog’s kiss.

“Not sure if he likes it, but this human smells really good. I think I’ll hang around for a while”

22. He’s part of the pack already

“We are a pack! We are going to conquer the home! Be ready, hooman for we’re coming

23. These two just messing about.

“I’ll protect him. I’ll protect him all my life. I don’t know what it is, but I feel this little puppy is like my son, hooman”

24. Their happiness…

“Let us have this moment, hooman! We’re going to be spending a loooot of time together”

25. Probably the cutest (p)hug ever.

“This little hooman is annoyingly cute. Can I keep him as my best friend?”

26.  This super cute Oklahoma fan

“Let’s just cuddle here and let hoomans take our picture, ’cause we’re cute”

27. This hug is the most honest hug I’ve seen in a while

“Hey, pal! We’ll be best friends forever, do ya’ hear mea?”

28. These two hugging are the true definition of cuteness overload

“You are cool, hooman! Want to be my little pal? We’ll chase the ball together in the morning, ok?”

29. That stare!

“Come on little hooman, you can do it, you can take this stupid cone off and then have fun together! What do you say?”

30. These pups showing the little boy some love

“Come here, little boy! Let us show you what it’s like to be truly loved! We will protect you ’till the end if you promise to give us treats when you grow up!”

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