Great White Shark Heading For UK, Could Get Here In 3 Days


They are the top predators of the ocean, undisputedly, with razor sharp teeth, and a top speed of 35mph, and now one is heading to the UK's coast line.

Lydia, the 14.5ft great white shark, weighing and impressive 2,000lb could be heading for the UK after she was spotted 1,000 miles off the cornish coast. She could reach the coast by monday, making her the first great white shark to ever cross the Atlantic.

She was tagged as part of the Ocearch project. The aim of which is to help learn more about sharks. Lydias progress can be followed here.


Fitting a tracker to Lydia was not easy. The use of this hoist was needed, which can lift up to 75,000lb.


Lydia was tagged by Ocearch project, which aims to learn more about shark behaviour.


380-miles in just 72 hours. She is near to the mid Atlantic ridge, if she crosses this, she will make history.


Lydia has travelled more than 19,000 miles since the tracking device was fitted.


And finally, a shark selfie to leave you terrified.