31 GIFs That Show Cats Do The Funniest Things, And That They’re Adorable

These 31 GIFs show that cats do the silliest of things, but thats what makes them the cute pets we adore.

1. This kitty has got its head stuck.

2. This super awesome matrix cat.

3. This is otherwise known as bowl cat.

4. OMG a banana!.

5. Caught in the act right there!.

6. This cute kitty just wants a kiss.

7. Get a laser, and a cat, and you will have endless entertainment.

8. SOON…

9. This cat may have taken ‘fitting into everything’ a little too far.

10. Awhh this kitty just wants to play.

11. Well hey there.

12. This cat loves valentines day.

13. This cat is excited about something.

14. This cat shaking what its got.

15. Surprise!.

16. This cat is finding it all to much to bare.

17. Must have been one hell of a party.

18. This cute kitten who is so relaxed.

19. Rather over excited, but so cute!.

20. Epic slow-mo cat.

21. OMG MILK!.

22. Boo!.

23. This cat wins the most talented competition.

24. Awh, dressed up as a big cat. Mmm tasty giraffe.

25. This cup does not belong next to me.

26. Fluffy cat just wants a head butt.

27. The master of ping pong. I wish I was that good.

28. This cat standing up like a boss.

29. A proper cat, playing football.

30. This cat can dance better than me.

31. And finally, this cat that fails.

Better luck next time kitty.

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