35 Cats Who Are Trying Extra Hard To Annoy Their Owners

We love them, but sometimes cats can get a little annoying, as these GIFs and photos will prove. Here are 35 cats who are going out of their way to get on their owners nerves.

1. This is now my area, ok.

2. This cat doesn’t want you to revise or study.

3. Oh no! my awesome cat balloon :(.

4. This cat decides what stays, and what goes. Everything goes.

5. This cat who wants to scar their owner for life.

6. This cat who has decided humans are the perfect seat.

7. This cat who wants you to know it owns everything you have.

8. This kitten who is not going to let you use your laptop anytime soon.

9. This cat who is determined to sneak up and scare you.

10. Looks like someones made a little bit of a mess.

11. “Go on, shut the drawer, I dare you.”

12. Sorry you can’t come over here. Im very busy, sleeping.

13. Haha this human isn’t very well, i’ll  just stand on their back.

14. Nope. This train ain’t passin.

15. Did this cat just try and kill its owner?!.

16. This cat just wants to ruin everything.

17. This cat is showing you how dumb selfies really are.

18. This cat has taken over the bed you just made.

19. Another cat using a warm laptop as a butt heater.

20. This cat is trying to irritate all the other pets in the house.

21. This cat who is making sure you don’t get the chores done.

22. “These cans don’t belong here.”

23. This is evidence cats really do not like water.

24. Major fail, and probably broke the printer in the process. LOL.

25. This cat who just doesn’t want to be separated.

26. This cat who thinks its an ice cold beer.

27. This cat just wanted to make more work for its owner.

28. “This pizza is mine.”

29. This cat who also wants some food.

30. This cat who would rather play in the box than on the scratch post.

31. This cat who has a serious issue with toilet roll.

32. This cat just completely blanks its owner.

33. Another cat deciding this time that diet coke is just not for him.

34. This cat who forgot where the litter box was.

35. And finally, this kitty who decided it wanted some of what you were going to have for dinner.

via Distractify

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