20 Problems Every Gym Junkie Can Understand

Going to the gym is great, but its not without its problems. Most of them caused by people who don’t really have a clue what they are doing, or have no consideration for the others around them that do. Especially those who curl in the squat rack. Here are 20 Problems Every Gym Junkie Can Understand.

1. Mr. Obvious Stare

2. Smelling body odour and not knowing if its you or not.

3. Inconsiderate Sweaters.

4. The person who camps on a machine whilst texting or on the phone.

5. People who over grunt.

6. The hijacker who steals the equipment you are going to use from right under your nose.

7. The Socialiser who spends more time talking than working out.

This is how to avoid them.

8. People not putting their weights back.

9. The guy who uses 5 pieces of equipment at once.

10. The circuit trainer who won’t let you use something because they will be using it in 5 minutes.

11. People who really don’t know what they are doing.

Yep that form looks perfect.

12. When people spend more time looking in the mirror than actually working out.

13. People who talk to you in the middle of your set.

14. The people who try and race you on the treadmill when you can finally be bothered to do cardio.

15. That feeling after leg day.

16. Being too shy to ask someone to spot you.

Being shy ruins gains!.

17. That awful place they call the changing room.

18. The new comers every January.

19. The seasonal lifters.

20. And finally those who curl in the squat rack.

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