22 Insanely Useful Things You Can Do with Duct Tape

When something is broken, if it cannot be fixed with duct tape then there is officially no hope. You will not believe some of the things people have done with it. Even fixing planes is not out of the question!.

1. Using it on an office chair to stop the wooden floor getting marked.

2. It can be used as a portable beer holder.

3. To give your car that ‘custom’ look.

4. To fix a plane!.

5. To open a jar.

6. Tie your mate to a tree.

7. Wrap up presents that no one will ever get into.

8. Create a gift tag.

9. Make a wallet.

10. Create awesome looking flowers.

11. Make a one of a kind suit.

12. Temporarily fix a turtles shell.

13. Fix the apollo module.

14. Create an amazing mosaic.

15. Make an awesome sculpture.

16. Turn leaf blowers into a gutter cleaner.

17. Turn a box fan into an air filter.

18. Tape lens filters to Go Pro’s for various effects.

19. Fix or reinforce your refrigerator.

20. When you don’t have any pockets.

21. To fix that gap in the road.

22. To seal up a broken air duct.

h/t mashable

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