The Clearest Natural Water Source You Have Ever Seen

This is the clearest natural water source you have ever seen, Blue lake. Located on the top part of New Zealand’s South Island, the lake has visibility of up to 76 metres which is pretty much the clarity of distilled water. The lake is located in a conservation area, so getting to the lake is hard enough, but diving is prohibited. The lake gets its water from a lake higher up, and is sourced from glacial debris.

The lake is called Rotomairewhenua in Maori and is sacred to the local Maori tribe, Ngati Apa. Special permission was granted by them and New Zealand’s Department of Conservation for a dive to take place and capture this amazing lake. These brilliant pictures were taken by Klaus Thymann as part of project Pressure which has been running since 2008, to create the worlds first open source glacier archive.

The worlds clearest lake, Blue Lake, South Island, New Zealand.

Visibility reaches 76 metres which is the same level as distilled water.

The lake is located in a strict conservation area and diving is prohibited.

Photographer Klaus Thymann was the first ever to dive in the lake.

Special permission was given for the dive by the local Maori tribe, Ngati Apa and New Zealand’s Department of Conservation.

Blue Lake is located 1,200m above seal level. Here the Blue lakes source can be seen above.

The top lake is above the tree line, therefore debris does not spoil the lakes beautiful clear water.

From the top lake water is filtered through glacial debris, which creates the crystal clear water in the lake below.

This is a hole where the water flows out of Blue lake. Every 24 hours the entire lake is replaced.

The lake can sometimes become slightly clouded if heavy rain causes debris to fall into the river, but within a few days its amazing clarity is restored.

The sad fact is that climate change is likely to cause many glaciers to retreat and some disappear completely. Which is why project Pressure and the work of photographers like Klaus Thymann is so important.

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