These 53 GIFs Show Why Cats Are The Best Pets Ever

These 53 GIFs perfectly sum up why cats are clearly the best pets there are. They clearly have an amazing life, getting up to all sorts of mischief.

1. This hoover tastes so good.

2.  This cat thinks its Tarzan.

3. Ouch thats gotta hurt.

4. This cat has had enough.

5. This cat can do a crazy backflip.

6. The simplest of things can scare them.

7. They are always getting themselves in funny situations.

8. This cat has decided to make a mess for its owner.

9. They will try and fit in literally anything.

10.  This cat is not sure whats going on.

11. This cute cat wants to make friends with bunny.

12. Cat collision!.

13. This is so adorable.

14. This kitty might have put a bit too much weight on.

15. Watch your step.

16. That tongue though.

17. And another.

18. This cat has some serious moves.

19. Sitting on a hedgehog = big mistake.

20. What a reaction LOL.

21. The steam, its amazing!.

22. Cat in a box.

23.  No human, please don’t bath me!.

24. What a jump. This cat should be in the Olympics.

25. This cute little lion.

26. Awhh this kitty likes its lollipop.

27. Haha this cat has been watching to much Harry Potter.

28. Let it snow!.

29. Piglet and a cat playing.

30. This kitten has skills. Cushion spinning skills.

31. O.M.G this pizza is so good.

32. A natural born athlete.

33. LOL at this cats awesome ninja roll.

34. Inspired by Tokyo Drift.

35. Delayed reaction.

36. I will get you, tail!.

37. This is talent.

38. Parking like a boss.

39. A slide doubles as a cat treadmill.

40. Thats one cool cat.

41. Another cat chasing their tale.

42. Haha battle cat at the ready!.

43. When two kittens meet. SO cute.

44. No way are you going to fit in there.

45. How exciting can one egg be.

46. This kitty WAS enjoying a sleep.

47. This cat is taking revenge.

48. Go on, touch it. I dare you!.

49. This biggest mistake of this cats life.

50. This ball must be pretty exciting.

51. Household furniture can be a big challenge for a cat.

52. It all went so wrong so quickly.

53. Having some sink trouble.

source: imgur

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