Once You See These Pictures, You Can Never Un-See Them

Once you see these 21 pictures, you will never be able to un-see them again. Some of these are truly eye opening.

1. Emma Watson looks so much like Dr. Richard Dawkins.

2. If you flip the Chicago Bulls logo, it looks like a robot reading a book.

3. Wiz Khalifa looks like a big worm from Men In Black.

4. Actually there is, so your argument is invalid.

5. The ESPN logo also has Boba feet’s Helmet in it.

6. Facebook friends I con looks like Luke and Darth Vader side by side.

7. Indeed you cannot.

8. The last supper was way ahead of the internet.

9. Tom cruise has a perfectly centred tooth.

10. Well it didn’t to me, but it does now!.

11. They do look pretty similar.

12. Mitt Romney played the mayor of Whoville in the grinch?.

13. This rather suspect shape on every 2 Euro coin.

14. Oh yeah.

15. The twitter “t” perfectly matches the disabled symbol.

16. Taylor Lautner is actually a girl, who knew!.

17. You will never look at a bodybuilder the same way again.

18. Willard Smith.

19. Google chrome logo looks like an old toy.

20. O.M.G that hairline.

21. Jared Leto… or Katy Perry with a beard?.

via BuzzFeed

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