If You Ever Feel Stupid, These 25 People Will Make You Feel like a Genius

If you are ever having a bad day, and you think to yourself WOW that was stupid of me, then fear not because their is always someone out there who will make you feel like an absolute genius.

1. Yeah, who do you think you are. God!?.

2. Y  is every1 grammah so por.

3. Dont be nasty to your own kind.

4. Haha its a strange looking cat.

5. Since when did salt look like snow.

6. Geography not even once.

7. This panda is crazy looking.

8. What an air head.

9. Along with unicorns?

10. There are no words…

11. Maybe if you spelt it right.

12. Always stay alert to mirrors.

13. Proud to be American.

14. Will, is that you?.

15. Why don’t you just keep pressing it.

16. So many hours…

17. Why the hell would you do this.

18. WOW.

19. The audience of One Direction.

20. Well duhhh…

21. We all completely agree. Why are you famous?.

22. Counties and continents, making people looking stupid since forever.

23. OMG Twitter are such copy cats.

24. Oh no, thats so sad.

25. No one ever tell her she is wrong.

26. If you don’t know about technology then please shut up.

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