What This Guy Discovered in the Middle of the Woods is Incredible

It all started when imgur user welove0815 met with an old friend who lives in Northern Germany. He had often spoke about a strange periscope pipes sticking out on the ground in a nearby woods. They decided to check it out, and what they found was awesome, but haunting.

The entrance. It was not far from the periscope like pipes and was covered with a piece of wood which was easy enough to remove with a crowbar.

From the inside. A closed door isn’t the kind of thing you want to see in a place like this. Luckily it didn’t lock itself.

This is the next thing they found. Endless hospital like hallways, which were very haunting.

They decided to keep going straight rather than turn off down a side corridor in order to avoid getting lost.

A dead end. Just a hole filled with dirty water. Nothing to see here.

A little while later at another intersection, they found a clogged up entrance. It was covered in graffiti, so they were clearly not the first to visit.

The hallway was no longer straight and it began to curve.

At this point they were unsure whether or not they should continue or just get the hell out of there. They decided to continue.

Creepy graffiti. The one on the top right “Die” and on the left, translated means “help”. The peace sign on the ceiling really didn’t mean much after seeing these.

Next they found incredibly heavy doors that appeared to be ripped from their hinges. How could anyone have the strength to do this.

The lettering on the doors was hard to decipher.

Right next to a broken door. It read “Exit no 2”.

Random pipes coming from the ceiling, probably for ventilation.

More graffiti appeared the further they went, which showed more signs of life. The rooms became more and more wasted as seen by the decayed walls.

This gives you an idea of how many heavy doors someone would have to pass in order to “visit” this place.

The smell became very bad, almost sewer like. The graffiti reads “Hallo satan, i love you”. Not something you would want to read whilst in a place like this.

The same graffiti but from a different perspective.

The walls were incredibly thick metal, and they suspect they were made of lead. To the left is “2211” and in the background a cryptic painting.

The corridors started to become flooded, notice the ladder at the end of this corridor leading to another level.

Another water chamber opposite the last corridor.

The sitting man. At this point they panicked a lot. They both ended up screaming. Lets face it, you would if you saw a something you thought was a person whilst down here.

Another hallway they didn’t get down (didn’t want to ruin their shoes).

On their way back they spotted the biggest room so far through tiny holes in the wall. They placed their camera through the wall and captured this strange looking machine.

Again, but from another angle.

A pair of gloves found in a gap in the wall.

Random shoe in the mud.

A sign reading “Stay Back” or “Keep clear” that had fallen on the floor.

Eventually their battery died on the camera. This is the last picture they took. It appears to be some sort of water reservoir.

After the camera died, they both headed back to the entrance. It was the spookiest thing they had ever done, but they both still survived. We probably wouldn’t go down there, would you?.

source: Imgur

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