20 Brilliantly British Complaints About The Weather

Thanks to the Reddit thread British Problems here are 20 typically british complaints about the weather.

1. When the weather gets warmer, they are coming…

2. Heated debates happen

3. Not sure if sunshine or the end of the world.

4. A tough choice we all have to make.

5. When everything you own is for winter.

6. A daily occurrence

7. Happens every time.

8. This fear is genuine and with good reason.

9. Always be ready for a sudden change.

10. Those dreaded rock speakers.

11. When a heatwave quickly escalates into a fashion crisis.

12. Depressing but true.

13. Will winter ever end.

14. Good weather is so rare some people apparently only catch one day of it.

15. Sometimes things get in the way of you seeing the weather forecast.

16. Everything is wet.

17. Its ruining our TV programs.

18. All too often.

19. Dust is as exciting as it can get sometimes.

20. There is no pleasing some people.

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