30 Creepy & Funny Toys That Would Traumatise Any Child

Any one of these 30 creepy child’s toys would be enough to destroy any childhood and leave you traumatised for life.

1. From what hell did this crawl from.

2. Smile.


3. Truly terrifying.

4. Jolly chimp looks very mad.

5. A baby barbie within a barbie. like Alien.

6. This bearded doll / gnome is horrific.

7. The creepiest collection of toys ever. 

8. It’s alive. It’s watching you.

9. Scary frog wants to be your friend.

10. That stare.

11. Daddy, whats going on?.

12. The stuff nightmares are made of.

13. What happened to the rest of them?

14. Dead cat is the toy you always wanted.

15. Who wouldn’t want a ride on this?.

16. The happiest hook ever.

17. Is it a Giraffe? is it a Zebra? no. It’s all of them and then some.

18. Zombie doll.

19. What the hell is this?

20. A whole new meaning to ‘ass face’.

21. If Yoda was a dog.

22. Lil Monkey.

23. The Oreo barbie. What kind of message does this send?.

24. The killer Narwhal.

25. A shamefully placed ‘blow up’ valve.

26. A very frustrated action figure. 

27. The face bank wants to eat your money, and your soul.

28. Zombie mouse doll.

29. Zombie Ewok bears.


30. The extending finger of E.T.

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