101 Funny Names That Are So Unfortunate It’s Just Laughable

Funny names are neither easy nor hard to come by. But, “What’s in a name,” argues Shakespeare, “That which we call a rose/ By any other name would smell as sweet.” That is what the famous poet would tell us in his lyrical tale of the two infamous “star-crossed” lovers, Romeo and Juliet.

If we would extrapolate this, we could say their names were standing in the way of their mutual love and passion.

Truth is, not everyone in life is gifted with the right name. Some names are tragic, reminiscent of some old discord and some can even get you in trouble. Other names are so funny that they might even embarrass the wearer and be part of an article like this one.

Below is a list of 101 funny names (updated 2022)

Some people with unfortunate, too hilarious names to the point of embarrassment choose to change them and go through all the legal fuss to do so.

They’re the most determined. Some of them, though, never change their names and they just go with the flow. These people are gold. They’re not afraid of any public shaming. They do not care; they have a name and that is enough for them.

These people are untouchable and, lucky for us, these 101 people below are part of that category and decided to keep their names. Here are the funniest names ever:

1. That’s an elaborate given name to match with a catchy surname.

Funny Names

2. We guess this guy is more into butts judging by his name!

3. It really is unfortunate that some members of the academe are cursed with horrid names.

4. If this is her real name, then her parents might have done her a favor!

5. Some names just don’t go together, and this is the perfect example of that.

Funny Names

6. Hopefully this fellow doesn’t get too much flak for his surname…

7. Okay, we have to admit, this is kind of a funny one!

8. Who would be able to hold a straight face when hearing this name?

9. Imagine if this guy’s team loses. Everybody will be pointing at him!

Funny Names

10. This guy’s got a pretty intimidating last name.

11. Of course Blake Money has a sibling named Cash!

Funny Names

12. She could’ve gotten away with her first name, but the “Hooker” last name pretty much seals the deal!

13. This is just one of those names that’s funny no matter what.

14. What were her parents thinking?

15. What are the odds that someone would be named “Chip” and have the last name “Munk?”

Funny Names

16. If this guy isn’t actually a Christian, then it would be a waste of a name!

17. We wouldn’t be able to stop laughing at this name.

18. If there’s a Cookie Monster, then there must also be a Cookie Facey.

Funny Names

19. Now this is just bad…

20. Why is Crystal such a popular first name anyway?

21. Seriously, didn’t their parents think this through?

Funny Names

22. We’re sure we’ve heard of her name before, but we just can’t remember where! Hmmm…

23. Do you? Dew U?

Funny Names

24. Maybe he’s serving up a special kind of burger.

25. Seriously, “Dick” should probably stop being a nickname for “Richard.”

26. How unfortunate for this man that his name turned out to be this way.

Funny Names

27. It must be heaven on earth, wherever he is!

28. If this doesn’t throw you into a fit of giggles, then we don’t know what will!

29. Imagine introducing yourself with this kind of name.

30. Whoever heard of a name like “Everhard” anyway? Cruel parents!

Funny Names

31. This doesn’t seem like the type of dentist you’d want if you have a sweet tooth!

32. Dorothy and Dick Tickler. Wait, what?

33. The name is as fitting as the charges!

34. His parents could not have picked a better first name. 

Funny Names

35. I guess her parents really must have loved Disneyland!

36. What’s your flavor? Tell me what’s your flavor?

37. Will this doctor be able to take away my cold?

38. This is too good not to laugh at.

39. Well, the same to you, then!

40. This is really too bad…

Funny Names

41. Commodore Gary Doodle what now?

42. We all know that “gay” also means happy, but with a last name like “Saylor” it sounds like something completely different!

43. We think this is self-explanatory.

Funny Names

44. It seems like there are plenty of Gaylords on this list! This one is named “Silly.” 

45. Placing them next to each other in a line up would look pretty funny!

46. If there’s one guy that can’t be proud of his name, it’s this guy.

Funny Names

47. Does ha have magic hands?

48. Not sure if you’d want to shake hands with this fellow.

49. Would you wear this pin proudly?

Funny Names

50. What exactly is he holding?

51. It could be that this person was greedy in their life. Who knows?

52. Her last name just sounds funny, and we’ll let you figure out why.

Here are even more funny names for you…

53. This is a weird combination of names…

Funny Names

54. As if “James Bond” wasn’t enough, they even put “007” as part of this guy’s name!

55. Enough said.

56. Hey, it’s Old Joe McDonald, but without a farm!

57. We wonder if she actually likes roller coasters.

Funny Names

58. Now, this guy’s name can’t be real!

59. If Kermit the Frog had special powers, then it would be thanks to this guy. 

60. Kim Kardashian’s long lost twin, or something.

Funny Names

61. Do some people think these names are okay?

62. This is a pretty funny way to name your baby!

63. It’s so funny how this kid put it under his street name!

64. We sure hope he is fire resistant!

65. What’s long? We’re not sure we want to know.

Funny Names

66. The Dark Lord has risen in the form of this young student!

67. This is too funny not to include on the list. 

68. We’re wondering if this is a nickname or an actual name. Go figure.

Funny Names

69. Imagine hearing this staff member get called on the PA system. 

70. If we were police officers apprehending this guy for traffic violations, we wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face!

71. Who names their kid after a substance and soda?

72. We hope he’s very good at correspondence!

73. What kind of man is this Michael? A Butman.

Funny Names

74. On the other hand, this Michael is… well, you can read his name for yourself. 

75. These three in the same lineup would make onlookers laugh.

76. It seems No Foot has a much longer name than can fit into this sentence!

Funny Names

77. This elderly lady has a very unfortunate name.

78. At least his last name is catchy!

79. We don’t know what’s better, the name itself or former nickname. 

80. Seeing this suspect on the news would freak some people out, especially with that name. 

81. Now, surely this guy has got to be pulling a joke on everybody. 

Funny Names

82. Careful before you pass judgment; sometimes people just have unfortunate names!

83. Maybe saying his first name is enough.

Funny Names

84. Another Mangina on the list!

85. Shawn what and sheets now?

86. This person must “siriusly” hate their name.

87. Both the first and last names are just a special combination, here.

88. We wonder if she is as spontaneous as her name!

Funny Names

89. Hopefully this pitcher has a lot going for him. 

90. Another case of two names coming together to sound unfortunate.

91. Texas Instruments could get him as an endorser.

Funny Names

92. These elaborate names are the best.

93. If you’re someone who is this accomplished, then basically nobody can make fun of your name!

94. See you Tu-Morrow!

Funny Names

95. How do you even pronounce this?

funny names

96. Hang on a second, is that her real last name?

funny names

97. Vania must’ve stumbled all over the hurdles!

funny names

98. What is she holding, exactly?

Funny Names

99. So many things going on with this name…

funny names

100. It’s a unique name, but not necessarily a good one. 

funny names

101. Imagine being called in class! The kid must love it. 

funny names

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