9 Hidden Secrets In Disney Films You Didn’t Know About Until Now

Disney are sneaky, there’s no doubt about that, about a month back we showed you a little secret about the Pizza Planet truck number plate in Toy Story, now it turns out there’s some more hidden gems in their films.

Who isn’t a Disney fan right? Old or young, people love Disney because of the adorable characters and gripping story lines, but did you know that they’ve been hiding secrets in their films for years?

Whether you’re a Disney fanatic or just an admirer of the films, these 9 hidden secrets will make you want to re-watch the movies to see if you can spot anymore.

Brother Bear – Nemo makes an appearance when Kenai disrupts the salmon fishing.

101 Dalmations – Lady and the Tramp show up in the Twilight barking scene.

Aladdin – The Beast is one of Sultan’s toys

Hercules – the slain lion is Scar from The Lion King.

Tangled – look closely because that’s Pinocchio up in the rafters during the I’ve Got A Dream scene.

Tarzan – That’s Mrs. Potts and Chip from Beauty and the Beast

Little Mermaid – Hey look, it’s Goofy!

Tangled – 3 classic Disney books appear in this one. Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast

Lilo & Stitch – a Mulan poster shows up in the background

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