Abandoned Football Stadiums around the World

With the 2014 world cup in Brazil starting soon, it’s interesting to think whether the excessive amounts of money spent on state of the art facilities, and stadiums will leave any lasting legacy. We have seen it time and time again with olympic venues, so only time will tell how Brazils newly built stadiums fair.

Here are abandoned stadiums from all around the world.

Estadio Insular

Once the home of UD Las Palmas and built in 1945, the 21,000 seater was abandoned just 4 years later.

Lluís Sitjar

Lluís Sitjar stadium was built in the same year as Estadio Insular and was capable of holding 18,000 people.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Aylesbury United, Buckingham Road

The stadium is now empty after Aylesbury United F.C. were evicted from the stadium in 2006.

Moscow’s Dynamo Stadium

The stadium holds 15,200 people and was opened in 1927.

Stadion Za Luzankami, Brno, Czech Republic

This stadium has been abandoned for over a decade, and was once the largest arena in the Czech Republic, holding 50,000 people at a time.

Boothferry Park, Hull

Boorhferry Park Stadium was the home stadium of Hull City for over 50 years up until 2002.

Feethams, Victoria Embankment, Darlington

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