This Mans House in the Middle of the Woods Is the Coolest Thing Ever

Bruce Campbell has the most amazing house ever, located in the middle of the woods, Portland, Oregon. The retired engineer decided that a normal house just wouldn’t do, so decided to buy himself a Boeing 727 plane fuselage and up cycled it into an unusual and one of a kind home.

The aircraft boasts a makeshift shower, but is still very much a work in progress so doesn’t yet have a woking lavatory. For 6 months of the year Campbell lives in the plane, the rest of his time is spent living in Japan. He is currently looking for a second plane fuselage from a Boeing 747 to add to his list of awesome inventions. The land on which he keeps his plane cost him $23,000 over 20 years ago, but the plane set him back $220,000.

via bored panda

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